All of our employed real estate agents are fully licensed in the Kingdom of Cambodia, experienced and very knowledgeable about the local real estate market. We only employ agents who serve the needs of our customers first. This is why we require that all of our employed real estate agents are fully licensed to work as a real estate agent in Cambodia, and have many years’ experience working as an agent.

As Cambodia is a developing country, the Real Estate sector is also developing very quickly. It can be difficult to keep up with the current market situation, but we work tirelessly to find well priced properties and bring them to your attention.

The name “CamSR” is a combination of “Cambodia” and the “United Kingdom”. The reason for this name is because there are 2 partners that started this business and one comes from Cambodia and the other from the United Kingdom. These two friends decided to go into business together because each has skills the complement the other, and together they can believe that they can make a successful business that will meet the needs and requirements of clients in the Real Estate industry and other industries.

Mission Statement

CamSR Real Estate is made up of an accomplished team of individuals who can bring quality properties at realistic values to our clients. Our business is focused upon the Real Estate industry in Cambodia and we specialize in listing (both for rent and for sale) a number of property types including:

  • Luxury Homes
  • Apartments
  • Established Businesses
  • Commercial Properties, both developed and undeveloped
  • Investment Opportunities

Our full time staff was well-trained professionals to strive to provide the highest quality service for our clients and customers.

CamSR Real Estate is a creative, inventive and people-orientated business which aims to provide opportunities and rewarding challenges for each member of staff.

We aim to provide each and every customer with a high quality service so that they can trust us to take care of investments that are important for them.

Vision Statement

CamSR Real Estate aims to be the #1 trusted real estate company in the Kingdom of Cambodia by following the core values of our business.

Core Values

CamSR Real Estate has a number of values that we find important to provide a high quality service to all our clients.

  1. Reliability, honesty, integrity and transparency are all key to gaining trust with our clients.
  2. Commitment to our clients will help us to serve your better.
  3. Innovation will help us to stay relevant in an ever-changing and fast paced industry.
  4. Passion for our work will keep us motivated to serve clients better.